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Mitchell Chiropractic of Frisco


A safe path to naturally healing the body.

A subluxation is a misaligned, fixated joint that is putting pressure on the adjacent nerve. A Chiropractic Adjustment removes the subluxation by applying force to the joint. This takes the pressure off of the nerves, and returns the spine to its normal function and alignment. This allows your body to heal naturally.


Hands on treatment to facilitate muscle and fascia healing.

Manual Therapy is using either the hands or an instrument to locate and remove adhesions, spasms, tightness, and trigger points within the muscle and fascia.  This provides patients with relief from sore and tight muscles by restoring proper muscle tension and function.


Designed to restore strength and mobility.

Our patients benefit from stretching and strengthening Rehabilitation Exercises that are specific to the patient's condition. These allow patients to return to their daily activities and enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle.


Provides structural or muscle support and increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Dr. Mitchell is certified in the RockTape Fascial Movement Taping Technique.  The RockTape brand is the world's best in kinesiology tape.  Dr. Mitchell uses this quality product to treat both sports and non sports related injuries. Taping techniques support unstable or painful areas of the body, while still allowing proper movement and functionality.  It also lifts the skin off of the muscles and fascia to create a decompression effect. This can take pressure off of painful areas and reduce swelling and inflammation. 


Induces deep heat and facilitates healing

Therapeutic Ultrasound uses mechanical, not electrical, energy to produce ultrasonic sound waves to create friction causing heat in the deeper tissues of the body. Therapeutic Ultrasound has been shown to increase protein synthesis to promote healing in the tendons, ligaments, fascia and muscles.


Nutritional Support that is vital for good health and Wellbeing

Dr. Mitchell offers a wide variety of nutritional counseling, whether it's discussing wellness goals, finding nutritional support for specific conditions, detoxifying the body from harmful toxins, improving general female endocrine problems or just helping you find a good multi-vitamin. Dr. Mitchell only recommends the best of quality natural organic vitamins and supplements that he believes in.


Treats pain, muscle spasms, swelling, and prevents muscle wasting.

Electric Stimulation or "E-Stim" produces massage like electrical currents through special pads. These electrical currents can be therapeutic by decreasing pain, pumping out edema (swelling), breaking muscle spasms, stimulating the muscle, preventing muscle wasting and promote healing.